Writing Rules


1. Original researches and compilations in the field of physical education and sports sciences are published in the journal.
2. The language of the studies to be published in the journal is Turkish or English. An English abstract is required for articles written in Turkish.
3. In order for the studies to be published in the journal, they must be accepted by the referees and approved by the editors in terms of scientific content and form. Works that are not suitable for publication will be rejected.
4. Questionnaires, tests, scales etc. applied in the studies. If the reliability and validity studies of the methods have not been done, the applications will not be evaluated.
5. Studies to be published in the journal must not have been previously published in any media, not given the right to publish or sent to more than one journal at the same time. Responsibility for this matter belongs entirely to the author(s).
6. Scientific inconsistency, plagiarism, etc. in all studies to be published in the journal. The author(s) are responsible for the situations.
7. The work should be written in Microsoft Word program, in "Arial" font.
8. The Abstract/Abstract part of the work should be written in 9 font size and single line spacing. The research text should be written in 12 points and 1.5 spacing. All titles of the research (Turkish and English titles should be written in 14 points, bold and all capital letters, main titles should be written in 12 points, bold and capital letters, sub-titles should be written in 12 points, bold and the first letters in capital letters.
9. Abstract/Abstract should not exceed 250 words. Keywords/Keywords should be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 words. Keywords should be chosen from words not found in the study title.
10. Tables and graphics should be prepared according to APA style. Table font should be written in 10 points. If necessary, 8 points can be used. Single row spacing should be used in tables.
11. If the study was supported by an institution/organization, prepared from a doctoral/master's thesis or presented in a scientific event and published as a summary, it should be indicated as a footnote at the bottom of the first page, with an asterisk or number in the title.
12. Information on the names of the authors and their institutions should not be given in the text. Author ranking and institution information should be done at the relevant step during the application. After the study is sent to the journal for publication, no changes can be made to the list of authors without the written consent of all authors.
13. Studies other than compilation; It should be organized as Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion and Conclusion and References. Studies should not exceed 15 pages, including figures and tables.
15. References should be made in alphabetical order according to the surnames of the authors.
16. Citation should be done according to APA 6.0 rules.
17. No additions or deletions can be made in the works that have been decided to be published.
18. Scientific ethical and legal responsibility of the published studies belongs to the author(s).